Amazon Account Manager Jr.

Amazon Account Manager Jr.
Descripción del trabajo:
The account manager is responsible for ensuring the correct operation of an account on This refers to the fact that the products being sold through the account are active on the platform so that they can be sold without problem. Review and change of product pages. Advertising maintenance and review. Coordination of orders with suppliers. Download, review and preparation of sales reports, among others.
Student of the Administration, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering or related careers. English language (spoken and written): 80%. Good grammar and spelling in Spanish and English. (Mail writing). Advanced knowledge in handling Excel. Analysis skills and good numerical ability . A bachelor's degree is not mandatory.
Starting salary: Q. 4,800 to Q5,000.00 with benefits. Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Good work environment in Zone 10.
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